Friday, October 2, 2009

Cape May, NJ

We had a great time in Atlantic Highlands while waiting for the weather to be in our favor. On the last day we were visiting other cruisers on their boat and some weather was coming our way, so we finished our drinks and headed back to Kasidah in our dinghy. Well needless to say we got caught in 35 mph winds and biting rain drops. As we made our way down wind to Kasidah, Jon commented that we had the small 4.5 hp outboard on the dinghy and I had one chance to wrap the line around a cleat on Kasidah or we would fly right passed her and have to beach “dink” till the weather ended. Well that went as smooth as could be and we boarded Kasidah as wet as if we had been under a water hose for an hour. All we could do was laugh as hard as we could and strip the wet clothes off. At least four boats anchored with us were dragging all over the place. LOVE our new Anchor and All Chain!

We left first thing in the morning and headed out into the Atlantic for a 54 mile trip down the coast to Barnegat’s inlet for the night. We saw so many boats heading south and commented that we never sailed with so many boats before at the same time. It was a perfect sail with west wind 15 to 20 knots all day. Barnegat’s inlet was a little tricky and all NOAA maps showed only 4.5 feet and of course we draw 6, but everyone we talked to said it was much deeper than that. Jon ended up calling the Coast guard and Tow Boat US to ask if there was more water than the 4.5 feet. The Coast Guard told Jon her could not say what he saw but he could read what NOAA charts had on them. Jon explained that we knew that already and that we would not hold him responsible if we grounded. The young gentlemen said to Jon “Well I can’t tell you the real depth but I can tell youit is closer to 20 feet than 4.5 but I can’t really tell you anything other than that”. Jon thanked him for the info. Now Boat US gave Jon just about every little thing you could possibly want to know about going into an unfamiliar inlet. (Thanks to all for that information). The anchorage was just about filled but we managed to find a place near a nice little beach to let the dogs run around for an hour or so.

We left Barnegat’s bright and early for Cape May which would be a 67 mile trip. The wind was supposed to be out of the W-NW 5 to 10 so we figured we would motor sail most of the day. Well half way down the wind went from 10 to 25 gusting 30 and out of the south. It was a challenge but we have seen worst on Ontario. We made Cape May about 1800 hours and had just enough time to find a place in the already crowded anchorage field and walk the dogs before dark. We decided to stay here two nights and head up the Delaware Bay on Saturday when the current will be more in our favor, and we’ll be more rested.

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