Thursday, January 3, 2013

What will 2013 uncover for us?

New Years Eve
Well so far 2013 has been wonderful for us and we think of how blessed we are every minute to be doing what we are doing. We have always said if you what something bad enough go for it because it won't happen unless you make the first move. Bob Bitchin always said "Don't dream your life Live your dream"
and we are.
Jeff and Jon waiting for us
Our New Years was spent at Jeff and Lana's house and as always the food and company was fantastic.  Just before midnight we all went to the Taboo restaurant at the marina to bring in the New Year and hang around with our cruising friends Mel and Joni. Capt.Dave and his girlfriend Corine were there also to cheer on the stroke of midnight. For some reason I feel like I have met Dave before, I'm not sure if it is because his family is from the same area of Canada that mine came from or not but it was just one of those things when we all first met...just one of those things...........................  
Lunch time
On Wednesday the weather forecast was predicted to be a perfect boating day so we jumped on Jeff's boat and headed down the chain of islands to do some snorkeling for lobster and conch then to Devils Cay to walk the shore, have lunch and lastly over to Little Harbour to have a rum drink at the famous conch bar "Flo's".

Turtle swimming by

Chester and Jeff at Flo's
Unfortunately Lana had a tumble after meeting up with one of the island dogs (friendly dog, but it was his island), she had her Bahamian dog with her and she thought they were going to get into it and panicked which lead her to falling down onto some nasty rocks and mess up her ankle. We managed to get her back on the boat and home with the help of a chair, used as a walker. They had planned to leave today for two weeks anyhow, so they left in their plane this morning. She has an appointment today for some x-rays, hopefully everything will be ok.          

Back to GHC with 4 to 7 foot under us

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