Friday, January 4, 2013

Love Beach

Wilson's girlfriend
We had a wonderful day with the dogs at Love Beach yesterday. It is one of my favorite places on the island with the clear blue water and shimmering palms dancing on the white powdery beach.

Sara and Blue chased crabs for a while then Sara decided to go after this one lizard that she was not going to let live and by the end of the day she had managed to corner it and rip its tail off . By the time I got to her she had ended its life and I was not happy to say the least. Well I really hope she learned her lesson and I think the lizard had the last word in this fight because Sara was sick all night and we are pretty sure that poor lizard was the reason behind it all. 

my favorite island dog
After a long day at the beach
Our friend Lana did make it to the doctors in Florida and she has a torn tendon in her ankle which requires four weeks of therapy. Jeff said he will be back in a week and will see how she is progressing at that time. We are looking in on their house and watering her plants while they are gone. Jeff has let Jon take the Ranger for this time and Jon has offered to replace a few belts on it before he returns. Lana's dog Angie found the ranger parked at the boat and decided Lana must be on Kasidah with us, so she sat next to it till after dark when I finally told Jon we should bring it back to their house along with Angie. Angie has a great care taker "Percy" which is the famous fishing guide here in the Berry's, his Mom was the owner of Flo's conch bar on Little Harbour Cay and now his brother runs the place. Percy is a great guy and if you come down here you should go say hi to him.


Aldrich Mendal said...

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Jon and Arline Libby said...

Thank you for looking. We love sharing our moments with others.