Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rum and Island exploring..............

Sarah and Dave in front and Capt.Dave in back
Between yesterday and today it has been very interesting to say the least. We have been socializing with cruisers we've met along the way and new friends we've made here in GHC since we started coming three years ago.
New cruising friends Dave and Sarah left yesterday to go back to Halifax where they live, so we went to the Beach Bar which is perfectly planted right across the road from the airport to have some rum drinks and beer with them for a few hours while they waited for the plane. This was a great time just sitting and laughing about all the fun stuff we have done this past week with them. The view is just breathtaking and we pinch ourselves every time we stop there.

Today we got together with Jeff,Lana,Jim and Sue all homeowners here to dinghy to a remote island called Haines Cay and explore the beaches for treasures.

 We had to take the dinghy up into some mangroves and find a path that has been taken over by the mangroves, then once we found the dinghy spot we had to find the path to the top of a range which was very challenging but we found it and Jon marked all spots so we could find our way back to the dinghy later on.

While we were walking the far side of the island we noticed some kite-surfers rounding the Cay  and thought this was funny as hell because its such a far distance from anywhere. These guys surfed right up on the beach with in ten feet of me and sat down for a break. I said where the hell did you come from and they just laughed and said they flew into the airport on GHC and would go all the way around the Islands in this area and have a small boat pick them up on the backside to get them back to the airport to fly out later. Very Cool.........................    

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