Saturday, January 19, 2013

How fun is it to do nothing......

We have come to a point that we would sit and do nothing all day if it were not for how active we are and the words "do nothing" really means read a book, do odd boat jobs, work on the motors and  of course for Jon that means find someones broken thing and fix it.So yesterday Jon help Chuck on Long Gone drop his wind generator and then worked on our dinghy motor.  After that we went on bikes to town and found that someone drove the forklift that takes things off the mail boat into the water.
Today we went fishing and hunting for lobsters. We were saddened to find a huge turtle shell which someone had just recently killed. I was so upset I did not take a photo but will if it is still there tomorrow.  These creatures are so beautiful and move so slow that it is sinful to see this. On a good note we got one Lobster and Jon found a sling pole in a hole.    

Sarah has not been feeling well since we lift Florida and the Vet said she had early stages of  Congestive Heart Failure and gave us some pills for this. Since we have been here it has gotten really bad and we have had more pills flown in for her to make her more comfortable. Please think of her in any prayers for us in the next few weeks, she has been our baby for so long we really want her to get well and play in the sand with us..        

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