Monday, December 24, 2012

Just hanging

We have had a cold front go through so we have been doing some visiting and site seeing these past two days with friends on the island.

We were invited last night to a birthday party for Mark who owns and lives on this tugboat. Sara had two play mates for the day and Blue even got down to check things out for a bit. Marks tug is very cool and has lots of living room. We brought Haufmann hotdogs(a Syracuse hotdog) over and they were a huge hit, so much Mark is ordering 30lbs for the next party.

We went snorkeling yesterday on a plane wreck which was very interesting and reminded us of some of our trips to the Caribbean diving years ago.

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Gaye said...

Hello. My name is Gaye Lyn. I'm writing in response to your story about an aircraft wreckage you saw around Haines Cay Bahamas. There is a very good chance that the aircraft flew in my father's 1945 Veterans Air Express fleet. It was the next owner, New England Express Air's crew, that crashed near Haynes Cay in 1948.

I'm researching my father's airline and attempting to chase down the five aircraft that were in his fleet – three DC-3s and two DC-4s.

Above is a link to an official report on the aircraft. If you can tell me anything that you learned about the aircraft, the wreckage, anything at all that might help me confirm it is one-and-the-same airplane, I would greatly appreciate it. Did you have a guide to the wreckage? Anyone with the dive shop? How far was it offshore and Would you recommend the place where you were staying?

I understand these are rather personal questions, and I'm a total stranger, but I am pursuing all links that I can find. below is the link to my site, which may make you feel more comfortable with my inquiry.

I hope this messagegets through to you and that I hear back from you.
Very best regards,
Gaye Lyn