Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just waiting..............

This week has been very busy with all sorts of things.

First off: Jon flew back to New York to settle any last minute things and to totally remove our stuff from our RV that was at the marina we use to work at. He has been away since Friday.
Next, Sarah had to have more surgery to remove some very ugly spots and bumps off of her body. She is now recovering. I am still waiting for my test result to come back to find out if I have the okay to leave next week for the Bahamas.
When we first got here Jon landed jobs instantly to work on boats and motors. One of which he has already completed, he fixed an old Evinrude motor for a nice Canadian couple Don and Sue. He made enough for us to have a very nice dinner one night, drinks included. When he returns from New York he has arranged to install and work on some new gauges and electronics for Chris and Louise, who are also from Canada. He decided to decline on any of the other work for now, or we will never make it to the Bahamas.

 The weather here has been very warm and sunny, and the water in the morning is very calm. Almost every morning there have been dolphins swimming next to the boat. 
an afternoon storm
I can't wait for Jon to show back up so we can get on with our adventures!

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