Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ya Baby............Bahamas and lovin it

Leaving Lake Worth
We left Stuart on the 15th and headed to Lake Worth with no issues and even the bridge tenders were pretty nice considering what we usually hear on the radio. When we travel we listen to three different weather forecasts before deciding to do the crossing, so it looked like the 16th and 17th would be the best over all, even Chris Parker our SSB guy said it was a perfect time.

It was  our 7th time making this 30 hour crossing and this was quite a tough one. The boat worked great, it was the wind and sea prediction that was off. It was suppose to 10-15 mph winds and 2-4 Ft. It was easily 20 mph winds and the waves were 5 to  7 with the occasional 9 or 10 footer. With the wind nearly on on nose, as it always is when your trying for a destination, and bucking a 2 knot current our speed over ground was down to only 3 -4 knots at night with these conditions. There was no heading up or falling off the wind for more speed, the waves were just too big for that. I (Arline) said at least it was night time with the big waves coming over the bow, so we couldn't see them. The wind turned to south just before dawn with 8 hours left to go, which put the wind just forward of our starboard beam. This wind change also flatted the sea a bit because it was blowing across the Bahama bank and not the Atlantic  where it could build big waves. Our boat loves to see this wind, and with all sails out she started to act like a freight train running through snow. So now with better wind and seas at 3 ft we were screaming along at 7 knots to our paradise.

Almost there
With the bow of the boat under water most of the nigh any little leak found its way its way into the V-Birth which was not good because it ended up on our clothes and some bedding. We can deal with that after hearing stories of huge fishing boats taking on water and just trying to get here without calling in a mayday.

We are traveling with a couple Steve and Judy of S/V Hey Jude that we traveled with two years ago when our motor overheated and we ended up staying in GHC for a month, and at that time fell in love with the place.

Jon said to me that all good things come to those who wait and to look for that kind of thing on this trip over, I understand what he was talking about(maybe this is where we were suppose to be?).

We have been cleaning the boat and getting our Bahamian stuff  out to do some fishing,conching, lobstering and all that good stuff.

We may be here a month before moving on because of interests other than vacationing and we will let you know what that is later.
Great feeling

All I can say is life is good.......................  

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