Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Another Week

Well another week has passed, which puts us at almost the middle of the month. Most of the other boats have left for places south and north of here. Some left in a hurry with a destination and time line, other just left not sure where they would be the following night.

We continue to explore in the dinghy distant and close places.

Arline has had a streak of luck trolling behind the dinghy catching Bar Jacks, Snapper and Baracuda. All on the same lucky lure and every time she put the thing out. The last fish that got away took this lure and we haven't caught anything worth keeping since. She's tried to make one that looks like it but alas, nothing yet. Tuesday was so great, the tide was highest about noon so we loaded the dinghy early, with lunch, fishing gear, and headed toward town and the mangroves. There is this passage that can be done at high tide and it takes you quite a ways north to just south of Little Stirrup Cay. The passage is 20 ft wide average, 10 at some points and you guessed it 30 or more else where. We started off fine and slow like we always do checking our depth, till this 16 ft Boston Whaler type boat with 2 locals came zipping along on plane. They had tee shirts on that indicated they worked for the cruise line on Stirrup Cay and were headed to work. So I cracked the throttle and up on plane we went. We lost them soon after only one corner and I was sure Arline would have me slow down, but she said "Follow the white foam and bubbles" it wasn't hard to see, the bottom was very visible and the depth was 4 to 5 ft. It was gorgeous!
We spent the whole day trolling the shore back south toward our favorite beach, we'd pull in where we saw rocks close to shore to get lobster, fish and we even picked up 2 conch. That old Evinrude ran for 5 or 6 hours that day. We brought an extra 2 gallons of fuel, so we started off with a total of 5. When we got back I was very impressed that we only used 2. And at $6 per gallon on the island that's a good thing.

We even rented a car for a while, the days when the wind keeps us out of the dinghy we plan on being on the other side of the island. Like today and yesterday. It really is relaxing here. Oh I'd like to move and use the boat but being here, living on the boat and having fun isn't that bad.

Our AIS is back in the states being fixed we hope, the company, ACR, out of Fort Lauderdale who built it is fixing it. They've been very good about our correspondences, we'll how they do at service. I'll either be a Big advocate of theirs or I'll be selling the damn thing and buying something else.

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