Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Happy hour, Jon made conch fritters for all to try

Bush Tea
 We are having a great time here and as the locals say "life is very short mon so have fun while you are still movin". Yesterday we took a group of ten altogether and did some touring on foot this was fun and some of these cruiser have never been here so it was fun showing them around the old golf course and grounds, we even got to see some wild life......a gray snake and a beautiful humming bird. The day was filled with winds blowing 35 to 40 and cold so it was a good day for a walk. Later we went back to the marina and another boat asked us to join them at a fire they started. We went right over and noticed a huge cast iron pot on, which they explained it was aphrodisiac Bush Tea called 21 Gun Salute. ...  say no more. Well one thing I have learned is that when we travel we are here to explore and try new things sooooooo Jon and I had a few sips. The only thing we got from it was a visit to the bathrooms at about midnight but that's ok at least we can say we have tried it.
The caves
Overlook at the caves
Today I arranged two vans to come in and take us for a tour of the island and I made a deal with the guy that it would be five dollars a piece and that twelve of us would be going. This trip was great we were introduced to new places that we had not visited before and a little more history about the island.   

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