Monday, January 2, 2012

First full day in Paridise

I talked to Jill last night on Skype and she had been watching us on both AIS and Spot and the first thing she asked was how close the fast powered ferry boat had come to us about 8:00PM, well that was really funny because that was right after we lost communication with AIS. Jon had just laid down to take a nap and had pointed out all the ships around us and confirmed with me that they were all heading in a different direction, a few minutes later as I was looking over to port I noticed something that looked as if it was a plane or just a flash of light. At that point I tried to focus on it and then looked at radar which did not pick it up, I then realized it was a boat and could make out his red light, by that time he was behind me and by the time Jon got up to look it was well behind us as though it was just a dream.

crystal clear

catch of the day

Our first day has been fantastic so far. We walked the dogs through the golf course early this morning, then headed out to harvest some conch and even managed to stop by my favorite beach before heading back to clean the conch.

My perfect beach
We will be making some fitters for the other cruisers here tonight. There are a few boats in here waiting for this front to come by which should have winds 30 to 35 knots. Tonight should be very interesting.


Jared Crast said...

What does and conch fritter taste like?

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Really good, like clams,peppers,onion and breading all in one.