Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to our oldest Daughter Amy .

Sara love's the Beach
We are really relaxing and having a great time in Paradise. We have been hanging out with many different cruisers this week, Bud and Jill left two days ago to pick up some friends that were flying into Nassau. We said our good-byes and hope we may see them again out here in the future.
A Sponge in two feet of water
We have been exploring and hunting in the water for things to eat which has been really fun with Mark and Linda, they are sitting here for a few days before heading to the Abacos.  Mark is a great spear-fisherman so we were getting some pointers from him. We have had lobster and conch the last few nights and the Lobster caught have just got bigger and bigger.
At our Beach cleaning conch
Jeff one of our friends on the island found a ride back to the states for our malfunctioning AIS, When you try to send something from here to the states it needs an agent to bring it through customs it has to do with Homeland security so this will make things much easier to have fixed and then there is no problem with shipping it back.

Now these are Lobster's  "Marks the man to hunt with"
This will make me feel much better when we cross back over because we always cross at night, when you only go 5 to 6 knots you end up out there at night. We really don't mind night sailing but it makes us fell more comfortable when we can see the big guy's way before there's a problem.

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