Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Now we're waiting

Well it seems like I've lived this before. Westerbeke has the hoses, and they were ordered on Friday. However, because they are closed for the next 2 weeks nobody got any orders out on Friday because they might have been parting. So no hoses till next year. Thinking and discussing this with other people I inserted a small piece of PVC into the hose that we were worried about. Nice tight fit, installed it on the engine and put all new VERY flexible hoses up to it. I think this was the real problem, that the hose coupled to it was not able to bend and passed the required bend onto the softer hose kinking it. Again the engine is running fine holding it's temp very nicely and pumping tons of water. So we'll run it for quite a while and keep checking the impeller. Looks like a nor'easter is making for lots of wind so we will probably be here for Christmas, which is fine. We have several places that we've been invited to and it's not snowing here.
Dick and Ann on Grey Hound pulled in on Monday and we think they are here for a while too. Not too many people are leaving and lots of boats have been just left here for the holidays, But at least it''s not snowing. Oh I said that already.


Distant Horizon said...

I hope this means the engine troubles are all behind you, so you can be safely on your way..."Making Way".

Linda and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Thanks Kevin, We all wish the two of you the same and have a wonderful New Years. I hope the engine problems are behind us also, I don't want to be looking for a condo in Florida:)