Friday, December 2, 2011

1st week in Stuart

We moved Kasidah on Monday and she worked great. The engine was 100% with out any overheating.
We took the last mooring ball at Sunset Bay Marina, and won't give it up. We've been offered money to move, cause there are no reservations and people want in. The weather is holding people here, not able to move onto their next location. The wind has been up pretty good, keeping everybody from moving but keeping my batteries pretty well charged. The autopilot is dead and a replacement from a consignment shop was shipped back because it didn't work. A new, different make, should be here end of next week, and it should be an easy install using the same brackets and other item$.The canvas people are working on the dodger and bimini for the cockpit, Looking forward to having no leaks in the cockpit. Falling into our winter routine on the boat and loving it.

To rock at night on a mooring ball, with everything working right,..priceless.


Distant Horizon said...

Congratulations on the engine repair! There is nothing better than a good test to revive your faith in the "Iron Genny". Fair Winds!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

I'll be releived after 100 hours on her. But she is running great. I think the injectors had been off for a while.