Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Lazy Saturday

The new canvas and top are in looking great. We've met may people that we've spent time with last year and the year before.  The Auto Pilot is in and needs to have it's sea trial done but it works and will be fine.

The engine gave me a little scare the other day when I heard the exhaust sound a little different, I looked over at the outlet and not enough water was coming out. I knew what this meant, another raw water pump had been chewed up. Upon inspection I found all but one of the six impellers had been RIPPED off and caught up in the heat exchanger, this impeller lasted 10 hours and that's not acceptable. This is what was the start of the problem last winter. Of course when Arline saw this she started dialing the Realtor to buy a trailer or condo here. After a few calls people were telling me I had a water flow problem (DAH)know that the pump was ripping itself apart because it wasn't getting enough water and I should look at all the hoses. I took all the hoses apart and was able to blow through all of them on the suction side, so that can't be the problem right, WRONG. Determined to find something I started pulling them all out. There is a very tight set of hoses that run water through the bottom of the tranny for cooling it. They are up tight against the bunks for the engine and there I found a soft hose with a kink in it. I got that hose out and found it was supposed to have a wire in it to keep it from collapsing, but that had rusted and moved allowing it to kink. So new ones are on the way and should be here Monday. It's such a tight bend and corner that only a premolded hose would work. A trip to a Napa and looking at some 100's of hoses I couldn't find anything with a bend, wire and the right size. So Monday it is.

Back to my Lazy Saturday.

Bud and Jill from Earndale are in Vero Beach having problems with thier new Yanmar, 28 hours and the thing is leaking oil. Bad installation and heads are going to roll according to Jill. I thought we were having a tuff time with things. I won't even tell you what a new 4 cly Yanmar and a custom instalation cost. They've got to get to George Town by the 8th of January so if they get it fixed by the begining of next week we might cross with them, and follow each other to someplace that the wind and current take us. No Big hurries. We might still head to Miami, or not.

Looks like Amy and Jeremy have some time at the end of January and will meet us in Great Harbour Cay for close to a week.

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