Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just enjoying the weather

We have been doing a lot of walking and meeting up with old friends here in Stuart. The Mooring balls were full when we got here putting us way out on the end with very little internet making it very hard to write in the blog. Now we are much closer to the marina so I have a  connection.

One of our last nights at Indiantown Rick, Kasidah's former owner came in on his way to Ft Meyers with a friend on a Dana 24 sailboat and spent the night. We all had a great time, there was much to talk about and there was drinks for all.
The croc did peek up at one point near thier boat to see the dogs.  

The trip to Stuart went flawless except the many sudden down pours. It was warm and the boat was running fine so that made the day wonderful.

We have been waiting in Stuart for our new Autopilot and we are also waiting for the canvas shop to drop off our new Bimini and Dodger. This is important for Jon because when he is asked to sleep in the cockpit he should at least stay dry.......

Last year we met a couple from Lincoln, Maine where all of Jon's family is from so we had to go introduce ourselves to them, wouldn't you know it, they know all of Jon's relatives. This year they just happen to be in the marina as we were getting Kasidah ready, so we have been hanging out with them. Don and Betty are a lot of fun and they are closer to 80  than 70, so for all of you that have told us your to old to go out cruising......we say sure you are.

We have been watching the weather and it does not look good for some time to cross so to Bahama, we have made our minds up to head to Miami for a few weeks and wait for weather there to make the crossing. We have seen that there are many places to anchor near South Beach and at Dinner Key.

So Miami here we come. 


phaz said...

My brother lived in Howland and Passadumkeag, ME......very close to the "big" town of Lincoln. Interesting!

S/V Veranda said...

Our favorite anchorage in South Beach is 25.47.318 / 080.08.795

Turn east directly south of the Venetian Causeway West bridge and head past the Miami Yacth Clubs mooring field, past Monument Isle and anchor up in the corner there. Free wifi from the City of Miami. Dinghy right up to the Publix on the canal to keep the larder full while you wait to cross. Drinking water available at the police dock just under the low bridge by the canal.