Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday drive to Annapolis

Amy headed out this morning for a month of training in San Antonio so we decided to take a drive over to Annapolis to see how Bud and Jill were doing on S/V Earendil, they are falling right into the cruisers lifestyle. It was really nice to see them and hope to see them again in Stuart or maybe even do the crossing with them.

The real funny part was right behind them was Grey Hound on a mooring. Dick and Ann were not there so we did not get a chance to catch up with them(sorry we missed you but Jon forgot his phone in Dover).


Jill & Bud said...

Thanks for finding us again. Here's to Stuart and warmer weather. I found the forms for Fuzzy for the Bahamas.

See you again, happy and safe travels. Be careful in that car, they're dangerous!

Grey Hound said...

Sorry we missed you Guys! We've had a really great diversion with the arrival of our new grandson, Evan James!!! With any luck our paths will cross when we get to warmer climes!!!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Hope mommy is doing fine.
Our paths did cross, that was almost a broadside it was so close. lol