Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Splash Tomorrow

Well after almost a week of work, cleaning, painting, turning systems on and checking, we will go into the water tomorrow. The crews here in the yard have been hard at work on Kasidah's bottom. There were no blisters and she cleaned up real nice. The 2 coats of barrier went on and 2 coats of bottom paint.

So Just off to Kasidah's port bow there is this tree that is dropping nuts all around. You can see it in the 2nd photo and at night you can hear them hitting the other boats, we are too far away for them to hit us. So I noticed over the weekend that it is the tree which branches are on Kasidah's bow. It is a Water Maple, and the leafs are green not gold. It is also called the Eyebrow of the boat. Well it had been in need of a sanding and new paint. So Arline and I spent almost all day yesterday cleaning and painting Kasidah's eyebrow. MAN it came out real sharp. It's not a Hazard Classic, but my friend Rob (for all your sign needs go to his link http://www.hazardclassic.com/ or find it on the side of our blog to see his work;-) he would sure be proud of our handy work. We have had a couple of "Nice Job" "Too Much Work for Me""Looks Good" We talking about my boat or my wife on the ladder? "YEAP" .

I fired up the engine today just to make sure it would and it did. There is a boat here that will be hauled tomorrow because of engine problem$. His engine $eized up over the winter, he was having an anti-freeze issue and didn't do anything with it when it was put away, so there you have it. He didn't check before he went into the water to see if it would start or even turn over. Well ours started right up but when I pulled the fuel shut of to kill the engine it came out of the jacket in my hand. Short panic, but I had the engine cover off and knew where the shut off valve was and it was a little sticky but I managed to get it shut down. (I'll check the water pump impeller soon) I freed up he valve and was able to reuse the shut down cable.
The work area has about 75 boats being worked on, most of the work is done by the owners and we are all very efficient. Everybody starts by about 8:30 and the grinding painting screaming begins. At 5 pm everybody STOPS for 555 shuffle. At 5 pm they all make a made dash for 55 gallons of hot water in 4 co-ed stalls to wash the bottom paint off ourselves. I wait till 8 when everybody is done. Thanks Tim for the endless hot water heaters at FPM.
We'll be in Stuart on Friday and stay there for a short while. And remeber folks, Arline Lives for commits so let's not make me ask again!
More later, thanks for watching.


S/V Veranda said...

The boat looks great......where are you crossing from? Are you going to the cruisers Thanksgiving in Vero?

Jon and Arline Libby said...

We are in Stuart now. We will probably go down to Hollywood for Thanksgiving because Jon's sister is there, this way we could get a chance to see them and catch up.
We have no plans but need to wait here for a few parts,we think we would like to go south a little farther both in the States and the Bahamas.
Where are you right now? If you end up near Stuart let us know, Whats your plans for crossing?

S/V Veranda said...

We're committed to T-day here in Vero. After that we're looking for the first crossing opportunity. If it goes as planned(hahahaha) I'd like to cross from South Beach to Morgans Bluff on the northernmost tip of Andros. We'd like to be down in the warmth of the Jumentos asap and then slowly work our way back north in the early spring.

Tom Gardner said...

Hi John, sorry I missed you while in Florida. Looks like you had your hands full working on the boat when you got down here. I drove back to NY on the 16th and 17th. I should be back in Fl about Dec 2nd or 3rd. I will try to contact you if I get a chance then to see how you are making out. Say hi to Arline for me.

Tom G