Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sitting in Dover De.

Our visit in Connecticut was relaxing. We first stayed at daughter Jill's house then headed down to Jon's mom and dads for a few nights. While there we treated his parents to Mohegan Sun Casino, they enjoy going there once in awhile and we have never been there so off we went. Jill and I played poker at the tables and I walked away -$30 Jill won $310, some how that girl always wins and knows when to walk. Jon said he made out the best because he sat at the bar and enjoyed some beer.
Jon spent one day with his brother Tim tinkering on his 57 Vet, on our way out we were treated with homemade fudge that Jon's sister made for the road trip(thanks Kathy).

Now we are in Dover with Oldest Daughter Amy and husband Jeremy, we have lots to catch up with since we haven't seen them since summer.
We took a ride down to Cambridge MD to see the people at Mid-shore Electronics, they are the company that put in all our new electronics last fall this time. We also picked up some crab while there for dinner. On our way back to the house we stopped by a barn that Amy has started to ride horses at. This was really exciting to see her back on a horse, we were into horses with the girls while they were growing, they rode in shows and for many years we were very involved in Foxhunting and she also did some training of horses before leaving for college.

Jon had a very exciting day when Jeremy asked if he wanted to go up and fly around Dover for a bit in the plane he fly's, so off they went, they flow over the Delaware bay and took some photos of the base and Amy's Plane she fly's, also the area they live in. their house is on the lake in the photo with the Dover casino behind them. Sounds like they had a lot of fun.

We have been keeping in touch with a couple Bud and Jill that stopped by the marina last month for us to drop thier mast for the canal, it's really funny because they are not to far from us and we figure by the time we leave here we should be able to meet up with them on the Chesapeake some where ( ) . Jon was thinking he might even see them while flying over the bay.

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