Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting ready to launch

We have been very busy trying to get Kasidah ready to Launch.
When we first stepped on board I was shocked at how much mold outside and in she had accumulated in the six months we were gone. I just shook my head and started to think about the last time we were here in the spring walking around the yard and seeing all these boats that we thought had been sitting for many years and now realizing that they probably had only been here less than a year. it makes me worried about leaving her again.
We have cleaned her completely inside and out,waxed her,rebeded and put caulk were needed. started most systems up without any problems, used woody wax on just about everything. We have taken her bottom right down to the gelcoat and are having a barrier coat put on before the final bottom paint. On Saturday night we even managed to go to a cookout with some cruisers working on their boats,this is Sid from Washington State, he has a really nice dog that Sara can't seem to keep her paws off from, also Glen and Pam from Canada, both of them own Island Packets.

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