Thursday, March 11, 2010

We are back in the States

It seems like we do a lot of things on the spur of the moment lately, so this is nothing new. We woke up on Monday morning and got a report that Whale Cut was passable so we decided to get up and move right then. The cut was a little bumpy but nothing that we have not been through before however coming back in the north side looked a little scary with huge breakers that a surfer would be in their glory over. We had to time it and pick our cut and just go for it(no problem and a little exciting at that). We made our way up to a place called Spanish Cay which you have to take a slip and it’s not cheap, but we decided to go for it because everyone always talks about how nice it is. This island is very different from the other places we had pulled into. One thing is there is no one there. The only people that live there full time are the two that work the marina. We had enough time to walk the beaches and do a little exploring with the dogs. There was one bay we went to that there were hundreds of conchs all over the place and when we would pick them up they would come halfway out of their shell and it looked as if they were looking at us. We left there and our original plans were to anchor at Great Sale Cay and then go to the West End to wait for weather. A front was coming in on Thursday night so we did not know if we could cross anytime soon. On the way over to Great Sale another boat called to ask if anyone was doing the cross that night. Jon and I talked about it and then decided to go for it. As we passed Great Sale we looked for a beach and made our way over to it to let the dogs go potty and put the dink on the topside of Kasidah. It was amazing how many Portuguese man a war jelly fish we encountered this part of the trip. We left Great Sale at 6PM and had 10 hours of motoring in the calmest weather we had seen in the Abacos. We went off the bank at around 2AM and made Ft Pierce Fl. Around noon. The sea conditions were not bad at all, maybe 2 to 5 and a light roll. The autopilot worked great all the time and the stars and moon were absolutely beautiful. We only encountered three ships, one cruise ship and two very large cargo ships that made their way around our stern. One really cool thing I noticed at night was when I would pump water in the head fast there would be phosphorus things running in the bowl.
We are doing some cleaning on Kasidah right now and then will head up to Green Cove Springs where Kasidah will be hauled out and stored for a few months till our next adventure begins.

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