Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weather is calming down

We all faired well through the 48 hours of really windy weather. We did happen to see a cat come in that had some dinghy problems. This is not how you want to tow your dink......
We did a lot of exploring since the wind was so heavy and found some very cool beaches that were protected from the wind. We spent some time there with the dogs and doing a little cave exploring and climbing. the tempeture is only in the low 60s and is not supose to change till next week. The weather for crossing looks real promising for next week so maybe we will be back by then.
On our walk this morning we meet up with the Barefoot man, we did not know it was him till afterwards when we were talking to a guy who does card tricks at the show for people and who we had met last night at dinner.
Even though it is really blowing still, the boats are starting to come in for the really busy weekend, I guess it gets hard to find a spot by Friday morning. We are just sitting back watching the show out there.


Anonymous said...

must be some Cairn terrier in these pups! ph

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Scottie and Yorkie mixed with poodle.