Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Years to all

We are in New York right now freezing our "you know what off" but enjoying the many visits with family and friends. We rented a car with Jim and Erin of S/V "Got to go" and headed to Binghamton NY. There we met up with our daughter Jill who drove us to Connecticut to have Christmas with Jon’s family. Christmas dinner is always awesome with lots of "feel good foods" which Jon's sister and husband Bob prepare each year for us(Thanks once again).

We also drove by the first house Jon and I owned in Conn.

After Christmas we headed up to Rochester and spent a few days at Jill's place.
We purchased a Travel Trailer for the marina so we could have a place to stay in the summer months with room for visitors:).

Then we headed for Skaneateles to spend some time with Schyler and Laurie. They made us a great New Years Eve dinner and I even managed to stay up past midnight.We will be visiting Diane and Vic in Tully before heading back to the boat also. They are our friends who for now let us have their place as a mailing address so we will be collecting some of that also.

We will be leaving for the boat on Sunday late in the day. The plan is to travel with Schyler's car and picking up Jim and Erin in Binghamton as we pass through. Then when we get to the boat, I will drive Schyler's car down to Florida and stop at boatyards to look for a place to store Kasidah. Jon, Skyler and one other person we have known for some time Capt. Chris will bring Kasidah out and as far down into Florida as possible depending on the weather. I will keep in touch and just travel slow till I know their destination.
Chris is in Ft Lauderdale sitting right now after a few boat deliveries,one which took him to California where he rescued some Mexican folks at dusk in the middle of no where as their boat was going down (wow)http://www.reliance-yachts.com/press_releases/8%20people%20saved.pdf He is now looking for a ride back to Skaneateles so this will work out fine for all of us. We do not plan on staying in Florida for to long, our plan is to head right over to the Bahamas.


ctkapoo said...

Wow scary stuff. Great job Reliance Delivery Crew! We had a blast at Christmas, especially the table poppers. Wish I was heading to the Bahama's. ABC Always be careful.

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Do you have any photos of Christmas Day? You know I hated that we forgot the cam.....send one for the blog

TonyM-Mainship-trawler said...

Hello Jon and Arline,
This is Pete and Joanne Wilson from TOM-KAT, now known as TONY M.
We met you in Brewerton, NY where you autographed our copy of Living Aboard...small world...
Just wanted to wish you a happy New Year and safe journey. We have enjoyed following your adventure and admire your tenacity. Keep warm P&J

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Hi Guy's,
It is a small world we talk with other folks from Sodus that use to dock next to your boat when it was "Tom-Kat" they are Paul and Deb. Hope the New Year is a good one for you. How is Joanne's hand? I know the Year has just begun but it already has many plans for us. Hope to meet again in our journeys. Jon and Arline

Grey Hound said...

Here's to warmer weather! Hope we'll see you sometime soon!

ctkapoo said...

I do! They are on a disk at home. Will have to follow up on that. Amy and Jeremy got their Popper's Amy got cork screw Jeremy got tape meausre. Yes they wore their crowns!