Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just having Fun

People we first met on the Erie canal stopped by

This dog looks and acts like Maya

We have been enjoying the Weather here in Stuart for the last week and visiting many friends and family that are in the area. A family that Jon grow up with lives right here in Stuart so Dave came over by boat to visit one night and we also took a dinghy ride to his house one afternoon. This was a lot of fun catching up on each others past.
Dave brought me a lot of saltwater fishing stuff but I don’t know if it will help with my fish count or not. We have been invited to go to dinner with his parents tonight; we have not seen them for many years so this should be a nice evening.

Two nights ago we went to Boca Raton which is a little south of here to visit Jon’s Great Aunt Virginia, She is a wonderful person and we wish we could have met her before this. We were invited out to a very nice Chinese restaurant in Boca Raton for dinner with her to hear all about her past and to tell her about our adventures.
The weather is nice here but we think its time to move on, so as soon as the heat exchange is in we will be leaving for Lake Worth and from there maybe the Bahamas if the weather will hold for a few more days. We picked up our Boater option cards yesterday which is like a nexus card in New York. When we come back to the USA as long as we are in Florida we can call a 1-800 number and clear customs without traveling to a customs office. Thursday morning I bring the dogs to a vet here in town to get their papers signed for clearing in the Bahamas then we are good to go, just need a weather window, which looks like Thursday night. Even if we don’t go this is fine with us…..Warm weather-cold drinks-nice people and NO Work.
Dead fish from the long cold snap a few weeks ago


Anonymous said...

Looks and sound like you guys are having a great time. You are soooo lucky not being here in the freezing cold and snow. Looking forward to your next Blog. Be safe.

Sue & Dennis

greyhound said...

hey guys,

did you get the note about the containers in the gulf stream? A ship just dumped a bunch of them into the drink yesterday or the day before.

Jon and Arline Libby said...

I was more worried about the container ships that can't move for you. We had two close calls that we talked to the captains so we could manuver around then. We had very large seas and a broken line to our roller furl which was all the way out. The one ship was able to change course by ten degress which made me very happy We are at East End till Tuesady morning then we head East for a month. We will try to put some photos on Monday and write a little about our trip.