Saturday, November 21, 2009

We're Off

Well, finally the day has arrived. We will be heading out to new lands and adventures first thing in the morning with our mightier Kasidah. The work that has been done to her is unbelievable. Andy’s Stainless steel work is much more than what we had hoped for. This guy is very talented and we will take our hats off and give him a bow. Mid-Shore Electronics was wonderful and helped us in every way. They are some of the nicest people we have met and worked with thus far. They also always made us feel right at home during the work on Kasidah (thank you very much for this). Here are a few photos of
the work.

Jill will be going to Amy and Jeremy’s house for the holidays.

We, on the other hand, have no idea where we will be for Thanksgiving,…but it will most definitely be further SOUTH. We’re sure there has to be a few more cruisers heading the same way as us.

Edited by Jill


Schyler - Laure said...

All the work you did looks Great. Can't wait to see it. Warm weather, sun and sand await you. I know you will be going full tilt to get 'there' as fast as you can.

I will be looking for you on

greyhound said...


You Guys are off the dock!!!!!! Here's to good anchorages and warmer temperatures!

Anonymous said...

And they're off ......

The metal and electonics work looks great. It must have been a lot of fun planning it out and watching it all come together. So now you're heading south for clear water, sun and warm air. We wish you the best and of course will be following along on the blog. Dick called us this morning and said "they are moving south and you can watch their AIS track". So keep it on and we'll check your location online.

Be safe and have fun!!

Jeff and Cathy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - well done - now she's a looker!
Warm wishes & weather. Jer

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Thanks all for watching. It was a great trill to be able to lower the dinghy in nothing flat. Sara and Blue really love the davits:)

Jeff let us know about your trip and adventure.

Paul and Deb said...

Wow, I have davit envy.
Very nice work.
Have a great time.

greyhound said...


Hope, You're having fun ......... but what's with the music? It's not so good when we're checking every day..............sometimes "Silence is Golden"......we care about You and what you're doing!!!!! Not the theme song. Here's to being even further South!

See You sooner than later, soon........ ;-)