Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wind, Rain and Lots of it

The stainless steel work has started to take shape on the back of Kasidah. It looks huge but hopefully when finished with all the goodies and Dink will fit right in.
Jon has been busy today going over all the new items and how they should be wired, the different parts and locations of item that will be attached to the davits and of course finishing up the watermaker. He ended up using the booster pump that was bought for it to also circulate the cool water for our fridge. This was an option that we had purchased a few years ago when we replace the whole unit. Knowing that we would be in warmer climates it seemed like a good idea.
The wind has been blowing a good 20-30 all day and lots of rain. They say the next two days will be very wet and winds gusting well over 50. I will have to find things to do. Please email me or even better Skype me…..

Craig and Trish the other sailboat that has been here with us for the past few weeks, left yesterday to go to Annapolis to have other work done on their boat. They are from Australia and plan on sailing back at their leisure. We went to their boat to wish them well and have some wine. We gave them some crabs since we had so many, later Jon went over to see how she was doing with them and she said she couldn’t put them in the pot because they were holding each others claws(that’s cute). Trish made us a pan of Lasagna which was delicious, there was so much we had two meals from it.

This is my catch

This is from the Crab market

Once again Jon received a crap load of oysters, he will either be really sick of them when we leave or have a few good recipes so I will eat them (Sorry Laure). We have been fortunate to receiving fresh veggies from the owner here Frank, he has a garden and every few days brings us goodies, one new veggie we tried was “Bock chew” this is really good fried up with some onions, it taste like celery and spinach all in one.
I have noticed that one thing I really miss is have a washer and dryer. Not only is it expensive but you have to watch out for things that other people leave in the washers and dryers, like pens and chewing gum. yuk


greyhound said...

OK, You're in the frigin' Chsapeake, so fresh veggies and good oysters (seafood) shouldn't be a problem.......we're looking forward to seeing Kasidah in the southern climates!

Be there or be scared!

Fair winds,
Grey Hound

Schyler - Laure said...

If I'm not mistaken, YOU ARE RETIRED!
Start Living like it :-)

Jon and Arline Libby said...

We are looking "Oh So Forward to seeing Greyhound too" We will make tropical drinks you can bring the little umbrellas ;) We will be leaving in a couple days.

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Since 90% of our friends that are retired still work, I would like to say we are taking a long sabbatical, and the word retired would indicate some sort of retirement fund! SO THERE. Thanks for thinking of me. Did you check the davit photos out on Picasa?