Monday, May 12, 2008

The Sky is clearing

Nice short weekend for us at the boat this weekend. The Marina was packed with people getting their boats ready for launching and doing the last minute things. Tim (Marina owner) was very busy and stayed way longer than he planned on Mothers day, but when he's there he ends up getting so busy that time runs out really fast. He has put so much into the marina and that’s why the place is so wonderful to be at for the summer. If there's an award out there for best marina owner please let me know.......

Jon started working on wiring up the hot water tank, putting all the pumps back in, putting all new hoses for the bulge pumps in and helping me glass my new locker and cabinet under the V berth.

Jill came up this weekend to visit us and we had a great time. I love it when our girls are around, and always miss them when their not. We went to see Sim Redmond in Oswego on Saturday night. Wow was that a strange “show”. Jon usually likes to dance a lot during the show but they had all these tables around and YES we were some of the younger people there. All I can say is “very strange’’

This is our new “wharf neighbors’ Mark and Vicky who just came up from Key Largo on their Gulfstar. They will be with us the whole season. We hope we can get some cruising in with them. Great people…..

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