Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going Solo

Amy started soloing yesterday and said she had a blast. She has been very busy with all the schooling and training that we don’t get to talk as much but she tries to keep us up on all her new adventures. She sent this shot of her taking off solo for the first time and the other photo is what happens after your first solo……..

Everything is coming along fine on the boat. Jon finished pulling out most of the wire that he felt needed to be replaced(which was most of it).We worked Saturday and some of Sunday trying to clean some of the disgusting greasy grimy gunk that has built up in the bulge, man that is some nasty stuff. We bought some degreaser and will do more over the weekend. Our plan this weekend is to put the rudder back on and finish painting it, take the holding tank out and get a replacement with a monitoring system for it. Pull some of the headliner down so we can replace a few parts that hold down the dodger that are not secure enough, add a few more breakers and a waterproof sub panel in the cockpit, Replace a few thru hulls and patch up some holes we made. At this point we will start putting thing away and getting ready for the boat to go in the water. We can finish a lot of the stuff while at the wharf and this will make getting on and off the boat much easier. If the house sales in the next month or so we will take it back out of the water to have some work done to it that will require a professional.

Some of us from Fair Point got together for a “Say hello” and get to know the new guys party Saturday night….Great time. PS “thanks Frank for the 1952 Crown Royal you shared with all of us”


Schyler & Laure said...

That is too cool to see Amy soloing! Just got back yesterday from Colorado and plan on working on the Lightning all weekend. It was a year ago that we sailed with you on Kasidah. Can't wait to get on the Pearson though!!

Jon & Arline Libby said...

We have been thinking of you guys and hope everything is OK. Hope we are invited on the Pearson...PS check out next entry....