Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year......

Hope everyone had a great New Years eve and that the year will bring health and happiness.

We went to see Sim Redmond play in Ithaca NY last night with our daughter Jill and a friend; we had a spectacular time- even though we were packed in like sardines. Its neat how no matter how crowed their shows are Sim and some of the other band members always seem to come over and say hi and give us a huge.

Jon went to the boat on Sunday and tore out the shelves that the batteries had sat on in the lazarete. He made up some fake cardboard boxes as batteries and designed shelves to fit in to make better use of the space. He finished cutting the wood and put a coat of epoxy (west system) on them and will bring them to the boat to fiberglass them in on the next trip up there.

I just finished making several bags to carry items to the boat in different sizes out of sunbrella. The bags we had used were to small so we always ended up with way to many on the boat.

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ctkapoo said...

Nice, you talked more about someones dead dog than the nice dinner we perpared Christmas day...lol.