Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jon's Jobs

Well I am finally starting to put things back into the boat. For a couple of weekends I’d travel up to the boat, do a little measuring, cutting, tearing and planning. I built cardboard boxes the size of the batteries and took them to the boat. This let me plan a shelving system in the lazarette. I wanted to relocate the batteries from under the sink to the lazarette and some rearranging was in order. I tore out the old shelves and lots of wires, glassed in some new tabs to screw the shelves to. Added the shelves and easy as that (right) they might fit. So now I have a total of 5 batteries in the lazarette. 4 house batteries and the starting battery (and still 2 more house batteries under a seat in the cabin). I will have to redo the battery cables and connections but this will be a little easier when I cut a new access under the navigation desk. This will become an access door for fuses and my battery switch will be mounted on this access door. Once they are installed I shouldn’t have to get back in that locker again till I need to replace the batteries. We are going to switch to AGM batteries, which won’t need topping off or maintenance. I’ve also mocked up my rebuild for the new electric panel both A/C and D/C. So the pictures are of the battery and panel mock ups. With some yet to be done construction, strapping down, and well there’s a lot more to be done. Once the weather breaks, and the bathhouse thaws out, I can spend a lot more time at the boat and it will all start to come together a lot faster. In the mean time Arline’s sewing loft is closed and her wood working shop has been moved up to the dining room. You should see that girl go.


Lora said...

Hi guys, It was nice seeing you last weekend. I wasn't sure how else to reach you. I am having a get together for Roberts B-day (big 40) next Saturday, the 9th at Captain jacks tavern in Sodus point. 6:30 pm..... hope to see you there. Lora

Jon & Arline Libby said...

We won't be able to be there..Sorry and wish him a great 40th. or We'll wish him one the following weekend.