Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Use Your Imagination

We decided since the winter weather is finally upon us and the to-do list has to slow down a little because its so bitter out that you can’t feel your fingers after about 10 seconds, we would use our imaginations and picture a nice warm white sandy beach some where around the equator…. Does it work?

It looks like we will be starting the wood work projects next month. We need to do some repairs to the hatches if we can, and put a couple coats of varnish on anything we can bring home from the boat. It will be a busy month for me. I was called for Jury duty at the beginning of the month, then we are going to the Syracuse Boat show to help Tim and Cheryl (owners of Fair Point Marina) talk to people about our wonderful season at the marina. If you go to the show make sure you stop by and say hi. After that I head to Mississippi with Amy to help her move in to her new home. We are really hoping that if everything goes right we can start planning the boating season at this point.

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