Friday, December 28, 2007

Friends and Family

This is Molly and Kalli

Jon and I had a fantastic Christmas; we went to Connecticut to visit his parents, brother, and sister's family. Christmas was at his sisters and brother-in-law who always know how to cook up a great time, and meal (Thanks Kapoo). On our way down we stopped by to see our friends Rick and Pam (we bought Kasidah from them). It was a superb time. We had lunch with them and they gave us a tour of their new Trawler boat, which is huge, compared to Kasidah. Their dearly loved dog Molly died a month after they
had brought home another Norfolk terrier pup named Kalli, it’s
odd how that kind of stuff happens. These dogs are so mellow and intelligent. Our dogs got to
meet her and go outside to play with her a little.

Jill & I playing with dogs

Jon,Rick,me and Pam

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