Friday, December 7, 2007

Very Busy Fall

Left side are my new cushions

Jon and I have been really active for the last month, Jon’s been pulling wire and parts out of the boat and purchasing all kinds of things…One new item was a 1500 inverter-charger and a link 1000 to go with it, lots of hoses, all different sizes and now he is looking at boat cable. I have been busy with sewing projects and getting use to sewing in general, my new 1959 singer sewing machine has been fantastic. I just finished the interior cushions and brought a couple to the boat to see how well I did. “Not bad at all”. I decided to divide the bottom cushions so that it would be easier to get to the lockers underneath, this will be a big plus.

Zippers and misquito netting are finished for the dodger, Outside flap around bimini has been replaced and I added a 12x12 window in the back so we can see wind direction and sails a little better. next will be to replace fittings on both stainless steel frames and make a large weather cover for the entire cockpit that will go over the bimini and consist of canvas and netting that will roll down so we can entertain more when weather is so-so or mosquito's are out.
One other thing I finished are the jacklines and tethers. My tether is a single straight line and Jon chose a double line with one side elastic.

We are trying to have an optimistic look on our house situation. If you don’t know our house has been on the market for a year now and it just is not moving. Nothing in this area is right now. Something that’s really amusing is that we started telling all our acquaintances that if they send anyone this way and they buy our house we will give them $2000. Cash. Now that’s all we hear in town (small town we live in) is if that’s true because they might know someone that’s interested. We would really like to sell so we can start planning next falls exit.

Well our Daughter Amy has been away in Colorado for about a month now doing some of her basic flight training for the Air force. She should be home for Christmas then off to Mississippi to live and begin the next part of flight school. She sent a few photos and said she loves everything about it so far.

Jon will be heading to the boat Saturday to bring the wheel and some batteries home for the winter. Winter has begun here and it really it hard with over50-mile hour winds the other night, which lasted 2 days. The boat cover had a few rips in it just
from being older and starting to wear, so we spent the day trying to mend them and fix what we could. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it makes it till spring. On nice thing about where
the boat is sitting is that Tim, the owner, has cameras that we can get on-line and zoom in to
watch how it fairs in a storms.

This is just some of the wiring Jon has pulled from the boat.........


Schyler & Laure said...

Nice job Arline!!! That is a great shot of Amy! someday she will be buzzing you at 200 feet above the deck as you sail the seven seas.Cool!!!

P.S. I know there is a foot of snow in your yard, but nice pics of the Green grass anyway.

Jon & Arline Libby said...

If I show a pic of the house with snow it will depress all that view it....