Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

To all of you out there….Happy Halloween

This weekend started out nice and warm with just a little rain. We managed to get a lot done on the boat. My projects are the sewing and interior décor….I started the interior cushion backs and removing all the buttons (80) on the exterior cushions that had started to just fall off because they had steel backs and started falling off one at a time. I also started repairing the dodger and bimini. The dodger had three zippers that needed to be replaced and a few rips. The bimini is really worn all around the outside from mildew so I will replace the 3 inch material. I am fixing them and not replacing because they still have a few years left to them and by then I should be really good at this new “job”.

Jon started cleaning the bilge and after a while decided the best way to get the smell out was to start at the top….so out came all hoses and anything else he could pull out. He has started a list of what he wants as far as electrical panel and units. He has decided to have a locker door in the aft cabin which is also part of the nav station which will house all the circuits and wire that he will need to get at. Some of the items he has asked me to look for and start to buy over the next month are- Bilge pump, wash down pump, shower sump pump, deck fitting, Inverter/charger, ham radio, windless, ss coil, heater w/ ac, panel, and lots of hoses…..Just a start to his madness ha ha.

Saturday night we went to the Little Sodus inn but some how ended up at the Pleasant Beach inn with Tim and Cheryl. Everyone was dressed for Halloween and it was a good time… Later that night the wind really picked up and it was a very noisy and cold (40 F) night on the boat. The next morning everything looked fine except the door zippers both broke. You know I looked at those a week ago and said I really should replace them. Oh well Should a- could a- would a…………

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