Monday, December 17, 2007

Electrical Testing

So this is our new 1500 watt inverter - 75 amp charger by Xantrex and the link 1000 monitor. I brought all of the batteries from the boat home for the winter, I really wasn’t sure how many amp hours they would provide or even rated for. There are 6 golf cart batteries, with 2 wired in series and then the 3 sets tied in parallel, and of course the starting battery. I set up the system in the basement to charge the batteries, and get familiar with how it works and maybe a clearer plan for the wiring. 2 of the batteries where set under the sink near the engine, I never liked this set up for many reasons and plan on either removing them from the system, if newer batteries could be bought of bigger amp hours, or move them to the lazerette. So after the charge, and equalizing them I did a test run by connected a 17 amp load and it ran for almost 38 hours before the voltage dropped to 10.5. This told us we have about 660 amp hours in our battery configuration. Of course you should only use about 50% of this or you will kill them right a way with a short life span. We also brought down the kitchen microwave to run it off the batteries. This was a 1500 watt microwave and ran perfect off the batteries. OF COURSE there was a 125-amp load coming out of the batteries. This is a much bigger microwave than we will take with us but it was nice to see the unit maxed out. I also saw that one wire got warm and I thought it would because it was under sized. This is exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Now it’s back into the lazerette next weekend to try and fit 4 house batteries and the starting battery in there. Also I’ll start reworking the wiring, circuits and other things.

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