Monday, October 1, 2007

It's still not over.....

This is Ken and Joyce getting their boat ready to be hauled out next weekend (very sad when this happens). We had a great weekend and can’t believe that it is still this warm out and the sailing is excellent…. “Yes” we should have started to get the boat ready yesterday also but Jon looked at the weather for next weekend and twisted my arm and begged to stay in for one more weekend of great weather and sailing. I thought long and hard (2 seconds) and said yes-not a problem. When this happens I am always afraid of what might happen. You now how the New York weather is, one day 80 and sunny and the next snowing like there’s no tomorrow. Well all I can say is you only live once and if you worry about everything life will have no meaning……Cheers to all.

Saturday evening we went by boat to Pleasant Beach Inn (PBI) for dinner with Jeremy and Amy, as usual dinner was fantastic. The clams and crab dip were the top pick of the night.

Sunday we went sailing thinking it was the last time this year, came back to dock and then decided to do one more weekend. That night we got everything ready to go home and Jon went to drop off a CD of Sim to Scott who’s a DJ in Rochester (great guy, perfect job for him) he was headed out for work and wanted to hear some more of their music. We ended up seeing his girlfriend and Robert, he's one of the guys that work at the marina, they wanted to go out with us for a sunset sail. Great night for it and hopefully we can get Scott out next weekend he will definitely love it because he hang glides and loves the tranquility you find in it just like sailing. We ended up leaving the boat late but that’s all well worth it in the end……..


Scott and Lora said...

The Sail today, Saturday, 10-6-07, the was unbelievable! Serenity, peaceful waves lapping the bow...spiritual and serene. Thanks you, thank you, thank you, John and Arlene!

Jon & Arline Libby said...

This would sound a little different once I post the weather for Sunday when Jon went sailing with Scott. Hope you liked that as much!