Monday, October 8, 2007

What a great October weekend for upstate New York

What a wonderful last weekend before haul out.

Jon and I want to thank everyone who came up and sailed with us this summer, it was a wonderful time for us and to have lots of fun people to share it with was incredible….

When we arrived Thursday afternoon the bay was engulfed with fog and it made for some great pictures, later on it looked to be a great sunset so we asked our dock neighbors for next year if they would like to go out for a sunset sail, not much wind but a to die for sunset. This whole weekend was wonderful and warm. All the friends and guest aboard had a lot to do with it furthermore.

Saturday morning Scott, Lora and Anthony sailed for a few hours in very light wind but nice. On Saturday afternoon Bud and Marcia came up from Tully and sailed all afternoon and ended with some very heavy rain at the end of the sail but with the warm air it was fine (this happened to them before). While we were out sailing we were alongside another sailing vessel from our marina and they started tacking around very fast which made us take note and try to figure out what they were up to, a couple minutes later as he picked up his original course next to us he said that they had to do a dog overboard drill!

We woke up Sunday to 20 plus winds and some nice swells so before taking Kasidah’s sails down and rigging Jon, Scott and Robert took a morning sail. I went to the channel to take some photos and to see how she moved from a land view. What a wonderful treat to see just how nice she takes on the waves and plows thru cresting waves.

That afternoon we took down the sails and some of the rigging.

So Now I would Say It’s Over……..At least the best part………..

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Lora said...

I have some great photo's of them out on the lake. I will get them to you this weekend. Thank you again for a wonderful sailing experience.