Thursday, September 27, 2007

Its not over till its OVER......

Jon and I had a fun time at the Sim Redmond show on the 20th in Syracuse. They always make for a great time (well for Jon not to dance to them the whole night would be unheard of).
We went to the boat on Friday the 21st and I worked on making full screens for the companionway, because of all the little bugs that seem to find their way onto our boat. I also brought my sewing machine home so I could sew two new zippers for the canvas winter cover that had broke back in the spring when we removed it (that seems so long ago)…..Jon repaired a few minor things, changed some lights to LEDs and he hung a small mahogany shelf we built to go under the medicine cabinet.

On Sunday the wind had picked up so Jon took the headsail off and put on the Yankee clipper sail (storm sail) to try out, Tim came out sailing with us and of course the wind died down so the sail was very inadequate and made for a slow rocky ride. When we got back to the dock Jon ran right up to the car and pulled the other headsail out and said “that ones going home”

We ended up staying till Monday because it was going to be in the 80s and 10 or so knots so we decided to go to Sodus and have a fun leisurely trip. We ended up sailing the spinnaker and made great time at over 6 knots the whole way there. Sodus this time of year is very quiet (I suppose all the marinas and bays are). We went to Katlynns marina to fuel up and pick a couple bulbs up. While there we met this couple that really liked our boat (who doesn’t) so we showed them the inside and after talking to them we realized that they owned a boat that we really liked sitting at the dock the last time we were there but they were not on the boat that day. They brought us to their boat, which was a 38 Kadey Krogen cutter and only 86 of these were made, and we got to see the inside. This boat is beautiful inside and out, lots of wood just like Kasidah and there was tons of storage (something I could use more of). They said they had done a lot of the work to it in the past ten years getting it ready to go south but when they finally finished most of it they could not see bringing it into the harsh salty environment and so they just use it as a daysailor and have a RV which they go to Florida with in the winter and have a smaller sailboat down there to sail a little.

The day ended with a wonderful sunset as we came back into little Sodus bay and docked Kasidah for the night.

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