Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stamp for 90 more days

wind from the north

a quick trip out the cut with some visitors

cool plants

Pick me no pick me
When we first came into the Bahamas this trip Customs gave us only ninety days which meant we paid for the boat to cruise here for one year but we would have to get our papers stamped at ninety days to allow us to stay longer. Our papers were stamped in GH Cy by the customs officer and stamped December 17th and March 17th to be renewed. We were told a lot of different things about having them extended  over in Grand Bahama and of course the 17th of March was a Sunday,so we headed to the customs office in Lucaya  the week before and found that there was an office there and it was open on Saturday, well we went in on Saturday and after a few minute a customs again came out and told us that immigrations was not there unless it was really busy and we would have to go to Free Port instead. She called for us and they told her they were closed until Monday and that since we would be over by on day to make sure we were there at nine to meet with them. We woke up early, and for us since we are on one long vacation its hard to get up early here. We rode our bikes to Free Port and found the building after a few wrong turns and when we found the right office we told them what we needed and he said, well immigrations don't open till nine-thirty so we waited and the funny part is he was the immigrations officer. At nine-thirty he took us in the room and began to tell us we were over by one day and that it was the custom officers problem in GH Cay  because he can't count right. We did get the papers stamped but first had to listen to the man for a few minutes explain right from wrong.   

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