Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To the world, from Jill

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know where mom and dad where headed next. They have been and Nassau now for a couple days and to their dismay it did not hold up to any standards. I'll let them tell the story when they get good internet again however from what I can tell Nassau is not a very welcoming place. They couldn't find any really cheap or free internet so I briefly talked to them with a bad signal at a very noisy cafe. They said that there is a lot of crime, security is a problem, and everything is extremely expensive.

They are heading away from Nassau tomorrow, Wednesday, to head farther southeast to the Exhumes Islands. They are going to try and stop first at Norman's island, where their is apparently a air plane crash site that I am anxious to see pictures of. Then they want to head farther south to the Waderick Well's island which is also happens to be a national park. It looks very pretty from satellite image.

They are not sure where they will be able to pick up internet again, there is no signs of getting any at Norman's island so it will probably not be until they get to Waderick Wells.



S/V Veranda said...

Nassau is like Newark NJ with prettier water. Once out of Nassau they'll fall in love with the Exumas...

geddesjim@ymail.com said...

I was not too impressed with Bimini myself... Jill, tell them Jim said hi and sorry i can't join them on this trip, maybe next time..