Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sad Good-Bye but happy to go.........

Jon has finished all the little last minute things on the boat and gives the "ok its time to depart sign". Now we are just waiting for the wind to die down a bit more. Monday we were pretty much ready to leave but then as we looked at the weather we decided to wait out the next front so we would not be at some remote place and have something go wrong. Of course Jeff has said that if we run into any problems call him on the radio and he can be there in 15 minutes. Wow what a guy.....These type of people don't come around everyday, well maybe they don't because they spend most of their time here on the Island, and since they are great people they stopped by and asked us to join them for Cheeseburgers and fries at a local place in town, the burgers were great just like they said(thanks Jeff and Lana). We are having a hard time saying goodbye to this place.
So our plans are to leave first thing either Tomorrow or Friday which we will leave up to the weather gods and decide when we walk the dogs to the other side of the island in the morning and see how the seas look. We will be at and anchorage one night on the inside of an island south of here for shelter then off to Nassau for one or two night before heading to the Exuma on the eastern side of the Bahamas.

Its really funny how long your beard can grow when you stop moving.....

OK Schyler we forgot FPM's koozie or we would have used that instead, so here is another plug for our good friend. This was my favorite shot.


Schyler - Laure said...

The koozie is Perfect, minus My hand on it!

It's not the destination,
but the journey


Jon and Arline Libby said...

We would like your hand on it also, so this is what we can do. We can pick you up between Sunday and Tuesday in Nassau and you can hold that Koozie while we sail to some of the Islands,then we will drop you back off in about three weeks. That should be a good time with your Koozie, but you will have to bring the beer and some Wine:)that's going fast