Friday, January 7, 2011

The Parts Are Here!

Finally the box of parts to repair the engine came in today. Our friend Jeff and his awesome Wife Lana, have helped us with many things, I repaired our extra outboard in his shop,

we eat dinner with them and some of their wonderful friends last night, boy can they entertain and the steaks were the best.

He also found out when the flight and package was coming in. There are no scheduled freight flights here only charters and they come only when they are full. So a ride to the airport (over statement, it's more of a landing strip) and a wait of about an hour found a plane landing with nothing but freight. Jeff talked to his friend at customs and we found our box-o-parts. The officer looked at my cruising permit and said have a nice day. We where told that they might try to collect duty of 35% on the parts which would have been $700. Instead we got the "have a nice day and hope you get it going soon". More about parts later
Tonight we are invited to a couples home that are from Michigan, their place is right across from the boat so I think we will go by dink or maybe just holler for them to pick us up, they don't mind:). Jon is off to Dorcus's boat to try and fix an electrical problem she has had with the boat and it seems that no one can do this sort of work on the island so Jon was more than happy to take a look.

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