Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer has arrived

This past few weeks have been filled with installing lots of new gear for the boat.
It was like Christmas morning when the UPS driver showed up! However that excitement soon became reality when Jon said “man do we have a lot of things to install”. It reminded me of the time when the girls got new bikes under the tree. The only bad thing was when we started reading the directions and figured out that not only could we not understand half of what they were talking about but we were also missing some of the parts!

So far we have finished installing the new Lewmar windlass. We split the chain locker in half to use the smaller section for the 200 ft of 8plait and 20 feet of chain on the original 35 lbs CQR anchor.

The main locker has 200 ft of all chain
and the 45lbs Manson Supreme anchor on top, which we will finish putting on the boat Monday.

Jon installed a new Garhauer rigid boom vang; which looks really nice under the boom.

He also installed our new Raymarine Ray 218 radio and remote Raymic. I decided to get our ship's radio license just in case we cross over to the Bahamas this winter. I needed to get the code for DSC anyhow so I just decided to go for it. We also installed our final water bladder, a new foot pump for the galley and ran the new wire for the macerator pump. We added more insulation around the engine and added more LEDs around the boat.

Jill came up last weekend with her friend Alex. They are working on a project together for the Army corp. of Engineers.

We ended up going out sailing for a short time before a huge storm came in. It was a fun time since the wind really picked up in front of the storm. We made it back to the dock and closed everything up just before the storm hit.

Over the weekend some of our sailing friends here came over with their son and his friend and they brought their guitars with them. They played some Jimmy Buffet with me! OK! OK! I only could play about one cord with them but it still sounded great……..

Some fishermen pulled in on Wednesday and offered a nice Salmon to us. Jon was really excited about it untill he realized it was not filleted.

Howevcer just then Big John drove up in his Golf cart and offered to help Jon with the cleaning at his RV on his awesome fish cleaning station….. THANK YOU JOHN!

This weekend was the marina’s huge summer party for which we offered to help setup and cook. It was a great time with lots of wonderful people and great food. Jerry always does such a nice job of getting everything ready and it looked so nice, but then again it always does. I have been helping clean the bath houses here for a week now because the lady who usually does it, Mary, broke her leg and is out for awhile. They have had other girls in but they just don’t do a good job so Jerry asked if I would mind cleaning them for a couple weeks. Not sure what they pay but I think I will ask for a raise!


Schyler - Laure said...

Yea! A new post! The boat is looking great and life seems so cool for both of you. We FINALLY spent a full day on the Pearson yesterday. It was the best summer day!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Hi Laure, We really miss you guy's. Sailing was always a blast.The last couple days have been like "real" summer, for awhile we thought it was not going to arrive. We will be in the area this week some time hope to meet up with you.

Anonymous said...

You both did a great job cooking & helping out for the marina party!!! Also tell your daughter thank you!!!!! I saw her sweating along with you over the grills. A big thank you~!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

We will let her know that. Mr Fair Point