Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just finishing up.....

We are trying to finish up all the things we have either started and just needed one or two small things to complete and the little “not that important things…..”
Schyler came up last week and dropped off our new Deka Gel 6 volt batteries which Jon is working on installing this week. He is also changing the oil and antifreeze which was a pain in the butt, he bought a kit for changing oil which has a pump and a couple hoses which one will always stay connected to the place you drain the oil on the engine so hopefully this will make changing it easier .
Jeff finished our new cabinet and bookshelves and they look great, all he needs to do is come back to install our spice rack, knife holder, wine rack and a few other small last minute thing we can’t do without:).

We installed the E80 into the cockpit cabin wall and wired and connected everything. This chartplotter is awesome. It has so many more functions than our last one. I ended up buying the Maptech Chart Navigation Pro for the computer and started buying some of our paper charts for as far south as the Chesapeake.

This past weekend our good friend Diane and her daughter Ann and husband Shaun came to go sailing and get in a little R&R. We had a little wind so first went for sail then anchored at the bluffs for a nice swim and to try out our new anchor and windlass for the first.time. Diane has been my good friend for years and years, so good of a friend that she has offered to receive our mail for the first year we are out there. Now that’s a good friend……..

Maya learns to snorkel

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S/V Veranda said...

We use Chart Navigator pro and are very happy with it. Anyway you can make oil changes easier is a good thing..........