Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Finally on the boat for another season.......

                       Just realized that we haven't updated the blog since we left New York.
Cave exploring
Cal loves his chicks
Amy with the kids

Our trip down the coast to Florida started with a stop in Pennsylvania to see Amy, Jeremy and of course the most important ones; Cal and Gwen. We stayed there a week and I really hated to leave them because I
know how quick they grow up.

We had a blast with them and even managed to play tennis and go explore a cave one day. We helped paint their dining room and put in a garbage disposal, which is not the first of installing one of these.
Cal loves his sister.

Next we traveled to Connecticut to spend some time with Jon's mother also visiting his sister and brother.

We had a blast playing "Cards Against Humanity" with his sister Kathy and husband Bob. Jon even had time to wire their new hot tub for them and take a soak one night.

Ari and Jill
Getting train to Boston
Then off to Boston to visit Jill and Ari for a week. We planned on helping install a new floor in the basement and some painting. I must say that it came out really great. We also took the subway into Boston with them and did some site seeing and had dinner "Thanks Jill and Ari". Ari put together a personal network for us so we can store all our stuff on our own cloud, accessible from our computers, which is working out great.
At this point we started back tracking, first back to Connecticut where we realized Hurricane Matthew was heading right for the Bahamas and then for Kasidah. So our over night stop at Amy and Jeremy's turned into almost a week's wait. Amy and family were at the outer banks vacationing and so we were there till we knew what this puppy was going to do.

We watched the weather and  saw our fears were coming true, it was not only heading for our to favorite island in the Bahamas, but also looked as it was going to be dead on to hit Kasidah on Friday, the same day we were scheduled to be moved to the work yard. We called the marina and found they were all getting ready for the worst. We would have to wait it out to see when to head down not even sure we would have anything to head down to.

By Thursday morning Mathew had shifted just a little which spared the Berry's from a direct hit but was looking more like Grand Bahamas would get hit bad. We've seen photos since then and this place really got hit hard.

When it hit Florida it stayed right on the coast which saved any real bad winds from hitting Kasidah but really made a mess up the entire coast into North Carolina.

Jon Garrett and James
As the storm got closer to Florida emergency evacuations went out Amy and Jeremy decided it was time to end their vacation and head home. So we stayed till Monday and got to spend a few more days with the grand kids.

Our trip down was a little off track, all the flooding and many hotels were booked, but it was not a bad trip at all.

Stocking Boat
Moose during a cookout.
We arrived at the boat and as always we're nervous when boarding Kasidah the first time. We never know from one year to the next what we will fine.

To our surprise she looked fantastic; with only a little green on the decks, no mold or mildew down below and besides a few tree frogs no bugs. We had a great visit from Jon's nephew, who is a chief on a 170 ft private yacht. He came up to stay a night with a co-worker from Scotland.

 We've done all our cleaning, most repairs needed, and are just waiting to be splashed.
We are still not sure of our plans, we will finish shopping and head to Stuart and try to decide there.       

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