Thursday, August 4, 2016

My how the summer has gone by.

We only have five more weeks before traveling begins.
Our plan is to head to Pennsylvania to visit Jeremy and Amy,then Connecticut to see the Libby's and help with Mom and last Boston to visit Ari and Jill. this will be a time frame of about three weeks, then off to Kasidah.

Cal's new sandbox.
Our summer was very busy with lots of work lined up before we even arrived in New York. We are

very thankful and blessed to have as many friends and previous business owners that we worked with, that jobs just kept coming in.

We managed to do some traveling and spent time with the grandkids. Our newest addition is Gwen. She was born in early May which I was able to stayed and help with Cal, it was a blast. The sad news was that Jon's Dad passed away two days before Gwen was born so it was a sad and happy emotional time for the whole family.

outside work at golf course

Some highlights of the summer were Gwen's Birth, Cal visiting us for the weekend without his parents.

 Finishing a golf course restaurant,Jon having a story published,
working on many boats which put us on the
water and
working at camps on several lakes in the area.Most of all just having the time to visit the family throughout the summer.

still managed to get a day on the water with old friends.

view from restaurant we worked at

The Libby's

The Hill family docked in Brewerton NY
 Just the other night we had a great time visiting The Hill Family, some friends we've known for awhile now,
they are heading down the Erie canal on their 52-foot sailboat with their three kids.

We went so Jon could help with an issue he had on the boat.
They are heading to the Bahamas and maybe farther this winter for new adventures.
They are great people and hope to see all of them during our travels this season.

Blue just chillin

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