Monday, February 6, 2012

A visit from Jeremy and Amy

A morning walk and a little golf
The means of travel for the week

Very windy day

 Wow, how fast the week has gone by with Jeremy and Amy.

We stayed busy all week with dinghy trips to the beaches, burgers at the beach bar we love so much, a few trips to Shark's creek, heading to the grocery store on the day the mail boat comes in then exploring every road on the island.

Having dinner with our friends Jeff and Lana at their house,

having snacks at Rick and Charlene's beautiful boat in the marina, hunting for Lobster or anything that swam in front of Jeremy that looked good to eat,  

Not sure what he is doing. You can add your own caption......

Burgers at the beach bar

Thanks to Sandy we had dinner.....

Sandy treated us to a day on the water.

A trip to Hoffmans Cay - The Blue Hole

Jumping into the BLUE

A trip to Little Harbour Cay- Flo's famous restaurant
 Going out on My Way Too with Sandy to hunt for Lobster and do some exploring.

Going to the Blue Hole on Hoffmans Cay and then to Little Harbour Cay. This is where the famous

Flo's restaurant is that make conch fritters to die for, see all the conch in the photo, there are tons of these piles from all the years gone by.

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