Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bird Island trip and some history

We took a trip to Bird Island to look at the potential of owning some property but it was just a little more than we could afford.

This was a beautiful island but the place had been left for a few years and the houses have been ransacked,
 the peacocks have taken over and the hurricanes have left their number too.. 

Sitting room "before"
Sitting room  "now"

Dinning room   "before" 
Dinning room  "now"

Smaller house on beach
View from the pool

We ended up there a little longer than we had

Buildings on south end of island
planned so low tide started to come in and before we could make our exit the sand was under us and the day there ended up into the late evening. It was a very exciting trip even though it was a long one.

Thanks to Jeff and Lana not only this trip but many other adventures and fun times will be remembered forever.   

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