Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skipping down the Hudson

Jon and I have been trying to get used to this lifestyle of waking up, getting Kasidah shipshape, and heading for the next town or small quiet cove to lay her anchor. Then of course there are many issues we need to deal with. The biggest has been the computers not working right. These computers are only 6 months old and one thing after another has gone wrong with both of them, I think it is more the software than the computers. Well both are running so so for now.
Once again I would like to say how much we thank everyone that came over to wish us well, we love you guys and want to let you know it made our departure bittersweet. Now we have ate all the dinner leftovers, drank all the liquor, spent most of the money but still have some wool socks to wear and if we can only find a West Marine that will be used also:).
We Left Waterford after a days rest and some early morning fog. Headed down the Hudson for Castleton where the mast would go up. After the last lock (YAHOO) just around Albany and just before a big bridge a Sheriffs boat powers up to us and says "Put it in neutral Captain!" "Stay here and wait, President Obama might go over this bridge, You 'll be an hour!" You got to be kidding, I said, NO Sir he said. My last suggestion was " How about you board me, Search Me and then Escort Me under the bridge?" "Sir?" "WAIT HERE!!!" ok . They let us by about 45 minutes later and then we did see Air Force one taking off. When we got to Castleton they had the daily newspaper which on page one showed a picture of a C-5 air plane (Amy is flying this plane too) with the Precedent's motorcade being unloaded. Cool.
We made it to Castleton on Hudson where Jon and Adrian from s/v Tocorura stepped our two mast in about 4 hours. We spent the night there and the next day over stayed our welcome to get the mustache off Kasidah and get her looking awesome and ship shape. We left there around 1500 hours and headed 3 hours down to Coxesake were there is a free town dock. I think it is just day time use but no one cares. This town is so dead that within 5 minute anyone that did live there knew we landed. We had people offer us their washer and dryer, A ride to a near store and any help that we might need during the night......Then the Mayor came down and gave us the key to the Village, ... Not really he just came to help cast us off...
We left there bright and early and were going to stop at a restaurant with free docks at the Hudson bridge for one night but it was only 1400 so we decided to move on and we would go till 1800 hours to an anchorage that was behind Pollepel Island which has the ruins of Bannerman Castle on it. Going in we had to go a 1/4 mile south than hug the shore in 8 ft of water all the way in till it opened up to about 20ft. We put two anchors out so as to not swing to much. Blue and Sara had only a small area to use on land to do their thing but did not like it at all, We finally got Sara to go but Blue would not even think about it. In the morning Blue had to go so bad she went on the deck so we gave her treats and really made a big deal of it. Sara would not go and just looked at us. We decided to stop at a Store that had a dock you could get to and let them walk but on the way in the 10 ft channel we get stuck in 5ft under the boat. Kasidah managed to get us out of it with out a problem. Thank you Kasidah....
We headed out this morning with thoughts of making the 79th street marina and take a mooring ball but when we called the guy said they were all filled and could not guarantee one would be there. We decided to make an early day and head to Haverstraw bay to anchor and do more projects on the boat, they have a great state park to walk the dogs and they can really use that. We will pass up on New York and head right for Sandy Hook in the morning.

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Schyler - Laure said...

Sweet! It's so exciting to see a post and see where you guys are even though I have no idea where you are or are talking about! Did Blue pee or poop???

We check in every morning and night. Love you and can't wait to see you!