Sunday, September 13, 2009

Living Aboard

Richard stopped by last week with a copy of "Living Aboard". This is the magazine that his story about our adventure is in. We have been so busy that we did not get time to sit down and really read it till a few days ago when some other cruisers "Veranda" let us know they had seen it. Thanks Richard for the time and info you gave us.....


Paul and Deb said...

We'll check out the article, maybe get some pointers :)

Have a safe trip you guys, and most important, Have Fun!

If you see a short balding guy with a cigarette in his mouth, on a Pearson 424 named Unabated, tell him I said hi. By the way, Alan has plenty of Gosling rum on board. Tell him I said you can have some.

Noel said...

hey guys sorry we missed you last weekend at Fairpoint... have a safe trip and we'll look forward to seeing you up here next spring..or at least in Annapolis. We'll be keeping an eye on your blog while the snow is blowing up here!
Tom and Noel and Kids.